Make Money Online Through Social Networking Websites

Most of the people have question in their mind about number of ways to make money online through social networking websites. We have found that people search on internet about how Facebook makes money? How to make money through Twitter?

These two social networking sites have become most popular social networking website and have helped people to make money online. We are here to help you to let you know about how to make money through social networking sites?

Q.1 How Facebook makes money?

You can find number of ways to make money through Facebook. Following are the steps that will help you to make money through Facebook.

  1. Sell your Product on Facebook

As compare to online product selling sites like eBay, Facebook is another big resource that helps you to cell products online. You can any products from like books, musical instruments, and many other accessories. To do that you can go and visit the Facebook Marketplace and start selling products online.

  1. Create Facebook Ads

You can have your own targeted ads on Facebook that are based on both CPC and CPM. As you know that, there are huge numbers of audiences and you also can find many investors who pay you to create ads. You can find that there are numbers of social networking buyers that are interested on buying ads.

  1. Start Affiliate marketing on Facebook

This is same as creating ads on Facebook, but in a different way. To make money through affiliate marketing, you first have to register to the affiliate marketing sites and choose a relevant product for placing ads on Facebook.


If anybody click on that ads and purchase some product, then you get some commission from that sale.

Q. 2 How to make money through Twitter?

Twitter has become one of the most popular medium to get connected with your family, friends and customers. Follow the points given below to make money through Twitter.

  1. Put a Direct Ad

If you have a big number of friend lists then you can make money by placing ads. To do that you need to make an ad on twitter and then you can recommend the particular user for the specific product.

  1. Get Sponsors contest

You can find number of advertisers that pay you to run a small contest at your twitter account. They only pay you if you have huge number of followers at your twitter account. The sponsors pay you to spread their ads to aware people about their product.

So we think that you might have cleared your doubt about how to make money through social networking sites. Now it’s time to follow it. So get started and make some so money through social networking websites.

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