Make Money At Home In Year 2012 – The Easiest Way

People have made money through Internet by number of ways, but the time has changed and it’s 2012. So, what is your strategy for making money online? The strategy varies from person to person, but the method remains the same. We are here to let you know some of the best ways to make money at home. So let’s start how you can do it?

  1. Sell Domains:

This is one of the easiest ways to make money online. To do that you should know how to choose and sell the premium domain. To do that you need to:

  • Register a domain and a hosting.
  • Create your own blog or a website and add some content on it.
  • Place ads on the website.
  • Optimize your website on Search Engine.
  • Sell-domain

After you does that put your website for sale. If you do that it is sure that your website would be sold out at good cost because your website has almost all that they need.

  1. Teach Online:

This is unique and useful way. If you don’t like technical or physical job, then become online teacher, it’s really beneficial. You must know that countries like US and UK has a great demand for online teaching.

To make money online through teaching you can make your own website or join online teaching website. You can really make good amount of money by teaching students online through World Wide Web.

  1. Sell Ads and Earn money Through Buy Sell Ads:

You might know about how difficult it to sell ads place on your website. You also know that of you contact 1000 people, then only 10 to 20 people might agree top place their ads on your website. If you want to get direct contacts then join Buy Sell Ads.

The Buy Sell Ads is an advertising network where bloggers register their blog to sell your blog’s ad space. This ad network keep 25% of the ad sold and gives you rest of 75%.


  1. Make Money Through Social Bookmarking:

Ok! Now you must know that Social bookmarking sites like Digg and StumbleUpon provide bloggers to make money. As you must know that most of the bigger SEO companies outsource to Bookmark their site because all of them have more then one article posted at their site.

Therefore you can provide them with social book marking service to them and give them bloggers service.

  1. Create your own WordPress Theme:

This is really most preferable for most of the bloggers. So if you are good with CSS, HTML and PHP, then you can create your own theme and sell them at WordPress. As you know that most of the bloggers buy themes if it is really better.

Ok! These are the tips that we would have. If you search on internet about the same topic you would get a lot of options, but those options are played by millions of users. Therefore, we have come out with the unique and effective way to make money at home.

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