List Of Paid And Subscription-Based Keyword Research Tools

When we see what people are trying to search for in famous search engines is the cornerstone to a fruitful search engine marketing strategy. While there are numerous free keyword tools, subscription and paid based facilities incline to serve more analysis support, competitive, and extra features not available for free. SEM rush offers data on keywords for both PPC and organic with a phrase match report, related organic results and keywords to find related keywords. Relevant keywords can be found, which bring out queries that are same. For instance, a question for “flowers” might yield “floral”, “roses” mother day gifts. SEM rush gives reports on prevalent keywords utilized by both your competitors and domain. Prevalent keywords are their for competitors who utilize the similar organic keywords and in AdWords.


SEO data revel keywords sites get traffic through Google search engine results pages, adding their keyword positions, relative costs, numerous queries each month, and more. Restricted data is available to see for free, however a subscription upgrades availability to $10k results. Plans begin at $69 each month.



It is a simple to use SEO keyword tool made for everybody, irrespective to his or her experience. Data offered include SEO competition, and search volume with extra data points to make it substantive. For instance, the Keyword Efficiency Index, a simple-to-understand figure, which utilizes competition and volume, displays an upfront assessment of every keyword’s capability. “Live competition” displays an actual time measurement of how good optimized sites are that list for those keywords.

Keywordspy –


Keywordspy offers relevant keywords, CPC, and search volume along with competitor’s list and their keywords. One new feature of this is keyword research tool, which identifies the most prevalent misspellings for famous keywords, which lead to your website. Misspelled keywords can support to get pockets of chance in a concentrated market and a capable benefit on competition.

SpyFu –


SpyFu serves keyword tools matching to SEO and PPC with a complex emphasis on keywords competitors are utilizing. Keyword SmartSearch offers new keyword ideas with negative matches, search volume, CPC range, and much more. Keyword Groupie tool kinds keywords into manageable groups for content mapping for SEO or PPC management.

HubSpot –


HubSpot is encompassing inbound marketing software, which offers few search engine optimization tools. The keyword SEO tool allows you analyze keywords, calculate search ROI, and increase rankings. See which keywords you list for and follow your rank over time.

Experian Hitwise –


Experian Hitwise Seach Intelligence tool offers paid and organic search insights supported by customer search behavior. Improve keyword level performance through determining the performance and variations of particular terms.

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