LinkedIn Reports Twitter Posts Will Be No Longer Showed On Site

Holder of world’s huge professional networking website, said that Twitter Inc.’s post will no longer be showed on its site, as microblogger boosts users to visit it own services.

Users of LinkedIn had been be capable to show the posts, called as tweets, on their accounts since year 2009, the California based firm said through its blog. LinkedIn said still members can send updates on Twitter through their LinkedIn accounts by seeking a box for tweets when they create updates.


Twitter has been raising its concentration on getting many users to see at tweets by its own site and on mobile apps, as it searches to increase advertising revenue. The firm estimates to produce minimum $1billion in 2004 through advertising revenue, 2 people well known with the forecast said this month.

Greg Sterling, Opus Research’s analyst, Greg Sterling said, They do not wish people to consume and talk with Twitter in locations where they might not have capability to put ads. Today in an earlier post, twitter said firm is concentrated on supporting users.

We are developing tools for publishers and capitalizing more and more in our own applications to confirm that you carry an amazing experience everywhere you use twitter, no issue what device you are utilizing, the firm said through its blog.

The moderations come as San Francisco – grounded Twitter growing the content users can post over its service, called for its 140-character tweets. LinkedIn, claiming Twitter’s blog, told the switch was boosted by twitter’s efforts to build a “consistent set of tools and products” for its microblogging service.

LinkedIn said through its blog that we know number of you give value to twitter as an extra way to broadcast professional content afar your LinkedIn links. Moving ahead, you will remain be capable to share your updates with your twitter followers through posting them on LinkedIn.

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