Let’s Know About Affiliate Marketing

There was a question raised among all the bloggers to know that have they done

any of the affiliate marketing on any of their blogs. After getting the statistics we found that :-


  • 24% of bloggers do it occasionally.
  • 14% bloggers don’t even know about it.
  • 27% bloggers know about it, but haven’t tried them.
  • 29% do it regularly.

The results are good, but it’s bad to see that most of the bloggers don’t know about affiliate. This article is for those 14% bloggers who really don’t know what affiliate marketing is. So let’s get started to know more about it.

First let’s see what affiliate marketing is.

Affiliate Marketing is a simplest way to get money online in which you becoming a publisher are helping your business by endorsing the products online.

In most of the case you would find that there are many ways of forms to promote business just by getting commission if somebody clicks the links on your blogs after they buy something on your site. It’s not that the commission is as per sale, but can also be amount fixed per conversation. Conversations are tracked when you share your ads line on your site when the user clicks on that link. It’s the advertiser that tracks your site to see the conversation using cookies on the code.

  • Advertisers use affiliate marketing so that they could promote their products, as they know that they have to pay for the ads only for the conversion. From Affiliate marketing you could earn learn less, because it have sales that consist of affiliates networks, which is use to promote the overall sales level.
  • Most of the people use this affiliates marketing they can earn more if they find some products that are relevant to their sites and people would clink on the ads.

Can Affiliate Work Well on blog?

The only way to make better money is not the Affiliate marketing because it doesn’t suits each and every blog. The reason why Affiliate market works well is when there is a good bond between the publisher and the readers. There is a trust in the reader that follows the blogs.

This can also effect when there is a wrong ads promotion on your blogs because of that the trust is broken.

Easy way to make money from affiliate marketing

You know that Affiliate market is not that easy to make money. Making money with Affiliate marketing depends on the following factors.

  • Getting High traffic
  • Getting relevant products on the blog.
  • Gain trust from the readers
  • Get a better sale.

Affiliates marketing also have a lot of risk if you promote the low products. This also tends to reduce the renders to your blog.

So better get to know more about Affiliate Marking to gain more money from it.

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