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Yahoo News is one of the famous news platforms that serve interesting and latest world news. Daily it receives millions of people and if your site will get post on this world famous site, it would be great for you.Yahoo LogoYou will get much exposure and traffic. Yahoo News performs almost same to Google Techmeme and News. Generally, content partners plan the prime stories that you see on front page. In the below paragraph, you can find four easy ways to pop up Yahoo! About your blog or site. All these methods will surely help you to show your work in front of world.

  1. Yahoo! Directory – through you can advise site to be listed on Yahoo! Directory. This is a big directory of Internet. There is no surety about its result but you can at least try it.
  2. Submit site – Check properly that whether your site or blog is indexed through Yahoo! If not then try to send your site’s URL to search engine’s Yahoo!
  3. Yahoo! News form – Yahoo! Always like people’s opinions. You just need to fill this form along with your sources and answers and satisfy Yahoo! If your blog is accepted or approved, they will surely contact you.
  4. Yahoo! Explorer – this site’s explorer permits you to experience all web pages that have been indexed through Yahoo Search. You can see most famous web pages of any site.

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