Know The Way How Google Choose Your Title

We have seen that there are frequently complaints in the forum saying as Google isn’t viewing the Title tab in the search results appropriately.

Days gone by, Google wrote in a post of the blog named ‘Better page titles in search results’ where Pierre Far, give details information about why Google might choose a different title tag.

  • Our algorithms produce the option titles in order that your page is no longer forced by having just one title for the entire different doubt your page ranks for. This has the better spin-off for generating the result that looks extra relevant to our searchers.
  • On standard, the optional titles boost the click through rate getting through the result, which is giving more traffic for you.
  • The tag <title> is still the main foundation for titles that we are showing so that all our recommendation about make them to the point and helpful and attractive still it is applied very much. At the Diagnostics sector of Webmaster toll you need to keep an eye on the HTML Suggestions page for getting title suggestions.

How Google Choose Your Title

If you are still have a lot of issues in managing the titles then follow these tips given below:

  • Make sure that each and every page of your blog title should be specified in the tag <title>.
  • You should stop unclear description on your home page and the title of the page should be more descriptive as well as brief.
  • If you are stuffing keyword then stop as soon as possible. If you are using it only for a particular time then it is good, but having the same keyword repeating number of time would affect a lot.
  • Try to brand the title, but in a few words.  If you want to add some basic information about your site then title of your home page is most sensible. If you are using this in each and every post of your site, then it would look recurring every time, which is not at all good. If you want to do that you can use it in the source as follows:  <title>Title Name: branding title</title>

I think that this would really help you a lot if you are facing a problem in viewing the title the search engine result. So if you notice that your title has an additional title when you find it on Google search then check out for the problem on the <title> tag.


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