Know How Google Ranks Your Blog

Google Blog Search is latest tool that is getting popularity in world of web. The blog search may too be nice source of visitors in case your blog ranks on 1st positions for particular keywords, however what elements does Google check in account to intricate the search results.

Google Search Engine

Following are the negative and positive factors that directly affect over Google blog ranking. Check it out:

Negative Factors –

  • Estimates occurrence of posts
  • Duplicated content
  • Blog content doesn’t suit to content of feed
  • Posts have all similar size
  • Content contains spam keywords
  • Posts initially connect to one site or page
  • Link circulation of blog

Positive Factors –

  • Presence in blogrolls
  • Popularity of blog
  • Presence in huge quality blogrolls
  • Indirect popularity
  • References to blog through sources apart from blogs
  • Tagging of posts
  • Page rank

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