Internet Marketing Interview Questions And Answers

Nowadays Internet marketing has touched a height and because of that there are lot’s of opportunities available in Internet marketing firms. People do interview preparation seriously. So, if you are going out for an interview in an Internet Marketing firm, then you should know some of the important Internet marketing questions and answers for the internet marketing job.

Internet Marketing Interview Questions And Answers

Here is the list of those interview questions.

Q1. What is Online Marketing or Internet marketing?

Ans: Online marketing is done for product or services to target the global niche. This can be achieved by SEO, Affiliate marketing, SEM and other.


Q2. The E-commerce website that includes business activities by consumer is known as what?

Ans:  It is known as Business to customer relationship that is B2C.


Q3. What is a B2B trading service that helps to link between seller and trader?

Ans: Private Trading network helps in link been seller and trader.


Q4. How to capture an error in Call transfer method?

Ans: To capture the error we must:

  • We must state an internal table with the planned table.
  • To capture the error while writing the call transfer statement we must put it to mode “E.”
  • Then you can capture the error that you have to put it on the internal table.


Q5. What kind of work does a costumer service involve?

Ans: The work depends on the products or services offered by the firm. Depending on the service or the product the job can be inbound call process, billing information, account information, outbound call, or ordering new products and services.


Q6. What is web marketing research?

Ans: Web marketing research is a way to understand the web marketing issue by analyzing it. In this it includes process like finding market issues, converting it into marketing research project, making a survey, fetching information’s through survey and then analyzing the solution to the issue.


Q6. Is marketing research important for online marketing?

Ans: Yes! Marketing research plays an important role for building a proper online business. Doing marketing research will help you to know about the need of the consumers and knowing that you can give the consumers what they need.


Q7. What are the benefits of e-commerce website foe consumers?

Ans: E-commerce website helps consumer in number of ways:

  • Save their time.
  • Get the proper review of the products or services.
  • Trust.

Q8. How do e-commerce helps seller?

Ans:  The e-commerce helps the seller by selling items as per consumer’s need, giving flexible offer, and helps in reducing cost.


These are some of the important questions that you need to know before you go out there for an interview in the Internet marketing firm.

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