Instant Backlink Magic – Is it a Scam?

Backlink seems to be the most important for getting your page crawled in Google search engine. If you know then backlinks are of two types.

  1. Internal Backlinks
  2. External Backlinks

Internal Backlinks: –

In Internal backlinks you share links in the same domain (Website).

External Backlinkss: –

In external backlinks you get link from another domain (website). For example in you share your link on Facebook then that would be called as external baclink, because Facebook is a different site. There is also one software that helps you to get instant backlinks known as ‘Instant Backlink Magic.’

Before sharing links to get more backlinks do you really know the value of that? Till the time you read this article you will surely know what the value of backlinks is. Everyone only knows that getting backlinks for your website is to get your website in search engine ranks and also you get more and more traffic. There are many ways to get more and more traffic each and every day.

To get instant backlinks from ‘Instant Backlink Magic’ you can write an article on an article submitting it that helps you to get more and more traffic. This method is the easiest way to get backlinks and also helps you to get some time for another process. Getting this instant back links really feels cool. But do you know how does it work? Don’t worry we are here to help you out. So let’s see the working of it.


  • Type your Keywords.
  • You can now select ant suffix from .com, .edu, .gov and many others.
  • Now to you can press on do magic button and now you can see the backlinks are instantly loading.
  • This will help you to get more and more backlinks.


As you can see that you are getting an instant baklinks, the first question that comes on your mind is that, is Instant Backlink Magic a scam? It is obvious that you would ask this question, but Instant Backlink Magic just works for you as a SEO expert for a fulltime. This tool helps you to get more and more high PR site. That would really help you to get some better indexing of your Website on Google Search Engine. Now you can take time for other Search engine optimization strategies and it also helps you to save time to do rest of the work.

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