How to Write A Perfect Guest Post?

Guest blogging is going crazy these days in blogging world. Everyone is working on writing guest posting for other blogs. Yes, there are many advantages of guest blogging, few are:

  • quality back links to your sites
  • more exposure
  • more email subscribers
  • targeted visitors landing on your site
  • you can build great relationships with other bloggers etc

Research the targeted blogs

This is a must in order to write a perfect guest post – research the blog first.

Then come to a conclusion what do their audience want and what topics are going viral on their blogs. Your goal is to write the guest posts on the very similar topics to grab their attention.

But make sure you’re adding something unique value to their audience. Whenever you’re writing a guest post, remember that your goal is to engage with as many bloggers as possible to get more online exposure.

After all, we all are bloggers and we need more online visibility to get succeed in online businesses and great relationships always matter to make more money, sales or leads.

Write what their readers love

When you’re crafting a guest post for other blogs, know what your targeted audience feelings, frustrations and problems.

This way you can have really good idea about what to write, what not to write and how to write for their audience.

Come up with great headlines. Because headlines matter a lot, interesting headlines make anyone to click on your guest posts to read further.

8 out of 10 people will decide whether or not to read your blog posts by looking at the headlines of your blog posts, so make sure you’re spending quality time on writing attention grabbing headlines. Otherwise you won’t get more CTR’s (click through rates) even if your content is epic. Your headlines matter A LOT while creating a perfect guest post.

Connect with everyone


Great connections are everything in blogging. You’ll get more guest posting offers when you write quality guest posts, that’s how I got so many writing gigs from all over the blogosphere.

Be friendly, know what you’re talking in your guest posts and build quality relationships.

You shouldn’t write on topics like “How to Earn $1 million Every Year” when you’re not even earning $100 from your blogs. Know what you’re talking about, don’t fake even when you’re connecting with other bloggers. This will create a great impact on your online business on the long run.

Promote it in all your networks

Use all the social media sites like Facebook, twitter and Google plus to promote your guest posts. And make sure your guest posts are getting enough visibility online.

You must spend your time on making your guest posts go viral, that’s how perfect guest posts are created. Give them more exposure, let your blogging friends know about your guest posts and let them promote your guest posts even on their networks.

This will help to engage with more bloggers and reach wider audience in your niche.

Over to you:

Let me know if you’ve any more questions in guest blogging..

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