How To Teach A Novice About SEO

For every trainee it is really a tough job to teach the novice about what SEO is and why do we need to do SEO. As you know that SEO has now become really important for each and every one who has an online business. And if you have you own SEO Company, then you would defiantly search for a newbie. Therefore, for someone who really doesn’t know about what SEO is and what exactly is the benefit from it, till then he or she will not understand the importance of it.


Over here we will tell you how you can teach a newbie about SEO. Follow the steps so that you are teaching him or her in the correct manner.

  • Let them know what exactly SEO is:

This is really an important thing for each and everyone to know about what SEO is before they start doing SEO. Until the guy don’t know what exactly SEO is, till then it is hard to make them understand about SEO techniques. So if there is any newbie let them search about SEO and after their search ask them what they have understood.

When you ask them question, it will also make you understand about what did the learner has understood. After the newbie tell you about SEO, let them know what all mistakes they have made and then let them know the right thing.

  • Start with the easy task:

Whenever you start with SEO, make sure that the newbie will do the simple task first. You can start it with Directory submission and after that Social Bookmarking. Having this task will not make the novice bored and with that they will also get to know what you are letting them to do this.

When they do these simple foremost steps, let them know the importance of Directory submission and social bookmarking.

  • Now teach them link building methods:

After they have become perfect in directory submission and social bookmarking, then it’s time to let them know about what link building is, what link building techniques are and why link building is important. When you let them know about this, give them time to make some research on link building.

When you give them link-building techniques make sure that you first let them know about your technique to do link building. Be sure that they know about all the link-building techniques one by one. Let them know about important link building techniques like:

  • Forum posting
  • Blog commenting
  • Social bookmarking
  • RSS feeds.
  • Article submission

When you teach them these techniques, it is really important for you to keep an eye on them so that they don’t make any mistake, because even a single mistake will give your website a bad search engine result.

  • Let them know about No Follow and Do Follow links:

This is really important for each and every newbie to know about. As you know that there is a lot of importance for no-follow as well as do-follow link. You must let the newbie to know about you do-follow is important as compare to no-follow.

Getting Do-follow link is important because when the Google spider crawls the do-follow link, it redirects to your page and because of that you get better boost at search engine.

  • Let the newbie know about PR importance:

It is really important for a newbie to know about what is the important of Page Rank (PR). Why is it necessary to have a high PR and a do-follow link? When the newbie know about the importance of the High PR then it will also help your blog or your website to get much better boost on the Google Search Engine.

After you have done with all this techniques and let the newbie know about it, it will really help the newbie to be the best SEO guy. After knowing all this you need to ask the newbie to let find his own search engine optimization strategy.

This is the most common and easy way to teach the newbie about what SEO is and why is it important. If you follow this step, then it will definitely help you make someone the best SEO person.

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