How To Tackle The Penguin 1.1 Update And What Exactly Is It

Many people were taking about the Penguin 1.1 update and also about the web spam. People were also searching about how to get rid from this update. But before doing this you must know that the Penguin 1.1 update was nothing but it was associated with the data refresh. Older time this data refresh was known as “Google Dance”.  In this data refresh it keeps the input as well as the output of the algorithm where the data is processes the contacts and then changes the order of the data.


If you are confused about what exactly data its, then data is nothing but the web page and the surrounding values. In the algorithm update the data remains constant and only input and output mechanism changes.

After knowing what exactly the data refresh is, it’s time for you to know about what is WEBSPAM.


WEBSPAM can be termed in number of ways like:

  • Using excess keyword in a particular article.
  • Over optimization.
  • A link that shows that it has been purchase.

Not only is this but there are many more factors related to WEBSMAP. If Google consider that you are doing any WEBSPAM then there might be chances that your PR will go down and also your search engine page rank. When Google consider that you are doing WEBSPAM, then your website goes into Google alert list and you get Penguin and Panda update.

How to prevent it?

You must know that whenever you create a link the Google Web crawler crawls your link. Depending on the quality of the link the Google crawler considers it as whether it is a WEBSPAM or not. Therefore when you create a link you must take care of the quality. When you do quality check then that must include:

  • The link avenue
  • Domain value
  • Number of page issued to the domain
  • IP address

These are some most common things that must include when you check for quality. Therefore whenever you try to share a link make sure that you have a quality link and also try to optimize it by natural optimization.

When you try naturally optimize your website than you must not cross the edge of the keywords stuffing. You must stuff only particular amount of keyword. Make sure that when you optimize your keyword you must keep in mind about SEO friendly content or link. When you optimize your webpage naturally then you must keep in mind about how you will stuff the keyword. You must use exact amount of keywords on the footer content, title tags, META tags, internal linking, navigation content, main content and alternate text.

Whenever you stuff keyword you must keep in mind about this thing. You must know that in the PENGUIN 1.1 update it has become important that when you add a keyword in a vocabulary in your article or when you do off-page SEO it really become important that you make a proper use of it.  Therefore if you want to get rid of this PENGUIN 1.1make sure that you follow to get the best and quality link in much natural way.

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