How To Submit A Website To Alexa?

If you have a website and you want to add more detail to your websites Alexa profile then you must know that how to submit a website to Alexa. This will help you to make you a bit more professional. Over here we will let you know about all the steps that will help you to know about how to submit a website to Alexa.


Let’s see how:

  • The foremost step that you need to do is create your account in Alexa. You can create your custom login or you can login to Alexa through Facebook. If you have new Alexa account so that you can manage your multiple website.
  • After you have done with the made your account at Alexa, go to click on “Alexa site info” and check for your domain. Once you have done this, you will get your website domain.
  • After you can see your domain, click on “Get details.” As soon as you click over there, you will be landed to your page detail info at Alexa.
  • After this, on the window you will see an option at the top right corner as “This sit is not certified” (This option is seen only if no one has claimed your site as his).
  • Click on that link and then you will three options that are “Certify This Site”, “Edit The Listing” and “What Is Alexa Certify?”
  • As soon as you click on “Certify This Site” then you will be redirected to the Alexa pro plan. You can sign up to free plan.

This is how you claim that the site is your and also submit your website on  This is how you make your site more profession and check about your Indian Page Rank, Global Rank, Alexa Rank and other hidden features.

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