How To Send Big Files Over Internet?

Wow! One of friend has good music collection and I want them through Internet, but the files are big, so how would he send big files to me over Internet? Is this what you are thinking, then wait because and read this article, because we have answer for how to send big files over Internet?

You can find few ways to send big files over Internet and I have come up with best one among all. Let’s see what they are.

  1. File Dropper:


File Dropper is one of the most simple and graceful site to upload files up to 5GB. You would be really unlucky if you want to upload file that is more then 5GB.

It is really easy to upload files over Internet through File Dropper. You just need to click on the “Upload” button to upload the file and as soon as you click on upload button you will get link to share file to anyone.

There is no special feature to speak about this, but you would say wow, because it is simple and best way to share your files with friends.

  1. You Sendit:


This is the best site to upload files and is really comfortable with people. This is one of the beasts one among all. It is really easy to sent file. You just have to type the email-id of the person to whom you want to send file and then click on SELECT FILE button and then SEND IT.

As soon as you send the file, You Sendit will send a file to the particular e-mail id and tell them that you have sent a file to the user and will give a link, from where you can download the file.



This is one of the services, which is talk wildly. Adding files over here is really easy. This comes with lots of features. If you have uploaded images, then it will show you a slide show, and if you have music, then you can listen to them right on the given URL.

You just have to add file and click on Drop-it and after that you will get the URL from where you can do the rest of your work.

These three are some of the best features that you can get over Internet to upload big file and give you chance to download the file whenever you want.

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