How To Search On Google For Blog Commenting & Forum Posting?

Google is a vast search engine that you would ever imagine the end. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) it is really important for you to know what the strategy is to search in Google.

If you are doing some SEO for your website then you should know what the strategies are to search in the huge search engine. We are here to help you out with some of the strategist that will help you to do your searching easy at Google when you are searching for Blog Commenting, Forums and other process. Here are some of the strategies.

Blog Commenting: –


Blog commenting is really important as to get backlink from the sites. Here are some of the most common search strategies.

  1. Keywords + add comment

This is the most common and easy way to search for blog communing in Google Search engine.

Here keyword would be any keyword that you want to comment on. When you try this strategy Google will show you all the blog related to the keyword that you have typed on the search textbox. According to that you can follow the commenting process.

  1. Keyword “Blog Comments powered By Disqus”

This is the most powerful way to get instant approval for blog commenting. When you type this on the Google search engine it will give all those blogs that are powered by disqus.

You can also separate the search by using “….”  Using this will give you site that are .org or any thing that you have typed. Using this will help you to get instant approval.

  1. inurl:blog + keyword “Blog Comments powered By Disqus”

This one is similar to the point 2nd, but here you will not specify the site as you were doing earlier.

Forum Posting: –


Forum posting is the most important strategy to get visitors and making your site crawl you website on Google search engine. Here is the strategy for finding forums.

  1. inurl:forum + keyword

This strategy helps you to find all the forum site related to the keyword that you have entered. If suppose you have two keywords and want to search related to it then you can help yourself by adding one wore keyword i.e. inurl:forum + keyword1+keyword2….

If you want to search forums according to the domain then you can purify your search by using following method.

  • “ inurl:forum + keywords”
  • “ inurl:forum + keywords”

So these are some of the searching strategies that will help you a lot for doing SEO for your site. If you want more then you can replace ‘inurl’ with ‘allintitle’.

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