How To Search For Blog Commenting And Forums

There are lots of techniques that you might find when searching for blog commenting and forum, but the question comes as what are you using? And how you use it? First thing that you need to know is the basic technique. If you know how to search for blog commenting and forum, then you can easily come up with some of your own techniques.

We are here to let you know about most common, but rare techniques for the bloggers and will also tell you how it works.


1.     TECHNIQUE 1:

  • For Blog Commenting:

Blog Commenting +Keyword”: This is one of the most common techniques. Now let’s see how it works. When you type this, Google search for all the blogs that accepts commenting related to the keyword.

  • For Form Posting:

Keyword +Forum”: This is another basic technique. When you type this in Google, Google finds out all the forum’s related to the keyword.

2.     TECHNIQUE 2:

  • For Blog Commenting:

Keyword….:Blog”: This is another technique that you can find. In this Google search for all the keyword for blog commenting that has a domain .org/.net……

  • For Forum Posting:

Keyword Forum…”:  This is an another technique to find forum by filtering the domain. In this technique Google search for all the form which has a domain that you what i.e. .org, .net, .edu, and anything that you type.

3.     TECHNIQUE 3:

  • For Blog Commenting:

inurl:Keyword “Blog Commenting accepts </a>””: This is a technique that helps you to find all those blog that accepts the basic HTML tag that is <a>. In this technique, you can add your keyword at the end of your blog. This is how you do that ‘<a href=”URL”>Keyword</a>’. You will most probably get do-follow link.

  • For Forum Posting:

inurl:Keyword “powered by phpBB/myBB/Vbulletin””: This is one of the best technique from which you can find all the form which is power by phpBB, myBB, or Vbulletin. Using this searching technique you will get almost 90% do-follow links.

We hope that you might find a lot more techniques when you spend some more time in it.

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