How To Recover From Google Penguin Update

The Google penguin update that was launched in April 24 has really changed the search result for Google Search Engine. You might be aware of the new Google penguin update.

Before you know about how to recover from the penguin update, you must make sure that your site has effected by the update or not. If you see that your site is fallen down since April 24th then it is sure that your website has hit the update.


How to recover from Google Penguin Update?

Your site might have effected because of the improper keyword stuffing and over optimization of your keyword. You can use tools to check your backlinks. The main target of the Penguin update is the spamming contents.

If you are a spammer, then you might have been notified from the Google Webmaster Central. Make sure that you have checked the spam complain and rectify that. If suppose you have not received any mails through Google Webmaster Central, then make sure that you clear the entire thing that you think that Google will consider it as spam.

If you are not aware of that, then you can go through the guidelines for having a Quality Website. If you are already been a target of the penguin then it wont help you.

If suppose Google has sent you a mail about the spam warning and you feel that you are not wrong, then you can send them a feedback through Google Webmaster Forums. You need to make sure that you have corrected all the important measures, because of which you have considered as spam by the Google.

This is how you can get rid from the effect of the Google Penguin update at your website. You need to make sure that you follow the rules of the Google Webmaster for having a better website and make sure that you also check the backlinks and remove the entire link if it is considered as spam for the new update.

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