How to rank YouTube videos

YouTube is an adsense revenue sharing website. Earning with YouTube has become very easy for those who are creating videos tutorials and publish them on YouTube. Many bloggers and teachers publish their “how to” videos on YouTube, they can easily outrank their videos with below tips and gain greater visibility at the same time they can earn more from adsense.

Before starting, you will need a YouTube account and channel, if you don’t have any create now. Once you’ve got your YouTube channel online, it’s time to optimize them and get higher ranks.

  • YouTube’s Keyword research tools

Now for those who always use Google keyword tool to find search volume and competition of keywords should know that YouTube has its own keyword suggestion tool. You can check the tool at: .You should always start with list of keywords with moderate search volume around 10000-20000.

  • Tags updates

With the recent changes in YouTube algorithm, tags are hidden. To find list of keywords that your competitors are using, just search with your targeted keyword, find the relevant videos and go to page source code to view meta keywords (press CTRL+U to see page source). YouTube rank algorithm also keeps on changing as Google search algorithm.

  • Title Tag Optimization

Title tag of video is responsible for CTR other than rankings, always remember that title tag should be catchy to stand unique and impressive to find. Before writing your title tag, try to figure out your potential keywords and include them into title tag.

  • Description Optimization

You can find many videos without descriptions, though very few people read the description but its best place for keyword stuffing. You can simply add 250- 500 words of description starting with your keyword in first or second sentence. Even you may put your blog url in first sentence as it shows 1-2 lines as it shows truncated description.

  • Add transcript of you video

If your video has got narration/transcript you can add it, this feature is very beneficial for vbloggers who publish online video tutorials for various courses, subjects or software’s. You can find transcript option in Caption, as shown below:

You can find example of transcript in this video :

Add transcript to your video in Youtube.

Add transcript to your video in Youtube.

  • YouTube Analytics

You can find the stats of your videos, subscribers, likes, dislikes, demographics, source of visitors etc. on YouTube analytics.  Similar to google analytics, it helps in refinement of your videos which can help you in getting more traffic.

After completion of these results drive more traffic to your videos, reply to comments, have conversation with your audience, embed it, bookmark it and try to get relevant backlinks.

Also do not forget to share your YouTube video on major social networking sites to drive traffic.

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