How to Make Your Blog Design As Sexy As Madonna?

Content is king.

Content without a great blog design is as similar as a king without proper clothes.

Blog design matters a lot when you want to make more money from your blogs. You should focus on few things that will play a vital role in your blog design. So what are those secrets?

How to make your blog design really attractive?

Simple is sexy in design: Use flashy content – your blog sucks. I’ve seen so many blogs keeping their blog design busy all the time where users can’t easily navigate what they’re looking for. Don’t keep your blog design so busy.

Here are few features of blog design that sucks:

  • Using tag clouds either in sidebars or footer
  • Using badges (they’re useless unless you’re famous on WSJ or NYT)
  • Featured videos of others (what they’re doing on your blog??)
  • Showing tweets (you’re not Justin Beiber to people look on your tweets, close them off)

Here’s how a great blog design looks like:

  • You won’t none of the above
  • You’ll see more white space (white space adds value to the blog design and gives a profession look)
  • Popular posts section
  • Optin form
  • Social media sites to connect with others

Make it load faster: One thing is common in all of us.. guess that?

You, me, your grand ma, my grand pa, almost everyone will hate slow loading sites, agree?

Then why you’re using every widget under the sun??

Use only essential plugins and widgets. Don’t play with the CSS code unless you’re an expert, this is also one of the major reasons for a lazy loading site.

Remember faster loading sites will have more conversion rates (approx. 45% more) than slower loading sites.

Less distractions: Don’t use excessive ads on your blog. When you’re new to blogging, ads give nothing except bad impression on your site. Make your site as laser focused as possible. What’s the primary goal of your blog? Answer this first.

Is it attracting more readers? blog comments or subscribers?

After knowing your primary goals, focus more on them. I’m sure they’ll give you more conversion rates like never before. Keep your site less deviated. Don’t use flashy ads, music bits or flying twitter birds (have you seen them ;) ) on your sites.

Don’t clutter your sidebar: Sidebar is the biggest distraction. No one can escape from a blog without noticing the sidebars, can you?

If your sidebar is too much cluttered with the above things (read the #1 point again), you’re forcibly making your readers to leave your blog.

Use a better font size: Don’t use tiny fonts. Don’t use tiny fonts. Don’t use tiny fonts.

I repeated the same term thrice. I know the importance of having a better typography because most online readers are by default lazy. When you give them hard times to read your content, they won’t read, they’ll simply find the way to exit.

So use a better font size for your blog. Typography matters a lot in the blog design.

Best typography measurements are:

Font  size: 14 to 16 px

Font names: Verdana, Georgia (my favorite), Segoe (these are web safe fonts, at the same time.. they look so good)

Use a professional logo: Blogging is a business, not fun. If you want to make money from blogging, you need to spend money!

That’s the simple secret to make more money. And blogging needs bit investment. If you’re a smart blogger, you’ll definitely need a professional logo to give a killer appearance.

In a nutshell:

Don’t worry about investing some money on blogging design. Because design is one of the most effective factors that creates a great impression on your blog readers. Don’t use mediocre design, you really can’t attract others attention by doing so. Invest money the smart way using the above tips.

You’ve any more tips?

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