How To Make Money Online With YouTube

Many people are making money online and many of them have earned a lot. Making money on Facebook and by blogging is most common, but have you heard that you can make money online through YouTube.

So if you have some videos created by you and want to make money from it without selling it then YouTube is the best platform for you.  The only thing that you have to do is make the video that ranks on YouTube and get number of visitors. So the basic thing that you have to do is spreading your Video locally and they go to the next step.


So let’s see how it can help you to make money from YouTube. Hence flow these steps one by one.

  1. Create Ads For Local Business

The first thing you have to do is spread your self in local business. To do that you can go to any local shop and make a video ad for them and publish it on YouTube.

If you do that it is sure that local people would visit it first. And you could get some money from that.

       2.Uploading Video On YouTube

When you upload the video on YouTube remember to use rick keywords and a proper description. Remember when you write a Description about the video you can link the URL to it. If you are making a video for a business then you can add link of that business website depending on the keyword that you are using.

  1. Share It on Social Networking site

Only uploading videos on YouTube doesn’t mean that you will get visitors. You can also have to share the link on social networking site like Facebook, and Twitter. If you do that you will definitely get better visitors.

  1. Build BackLink on your video

Similar to other method like making money online you have to build few links on YouTube video. When you build banklinks on the video it will help you to get on rank locally and globally.

Just remember that don’t over do it. Build backlinks that are related to the video. It is not that once you upload video on YouTube then you cannot upload it on other site. You can upload videos on other sites too.

  1. Look what your competitor is doing

It is true that you should have your eye on your competitor because if you are going to make video for a small business or a big one there are many other people who are planning to do the same.

So it is really important that you should have some better ideas or concept then what your competitor has. Keeping eye on the competitor can do it.

So once you get ranked on YouTube then it is sure that you would be getting calls from other brands or companies to make ads for them through videos. So from that you have a better chance for making money from YouTube. So you can now sell your videos and make some more money.

To earn moer money through youtube videos, read How to rank YouTube videos.

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