How To Get Your News On Front Page of Reddit

Reddit is a social bookmarking website which allows users to save bookmarks and share it with friends online. This website is one of the best sources for viral advertising as it has lots of users from many countries. Reddit is quite popular and has been a case study for webmasters to get lots of traffic. But getting lots of traffic from Reddit is not easy. They have their own rules, which they follow very strictly. One needs to fulfill all the norms of Reddit for avoiding blacklisting or spam tag.

Reddit has subreddits, which are category pages devoted to a particular group, for example Apple. Reddit will only show your post to front page if it feels it has quality content or has been voted number of times by users. From the research, it seems the content needs minimum of 25 votes to give itself a chance for showing up on Reddit front page. Reddit front page only contains 25 news and everyone on the internet is trying for the same.


How to post links on Reddit

It is very important to give your link or news a niche. If you do not do this well then your news will be posted but will not be easily seen. Study subreddits to understand the niche groups in Reddit and select accordingly. You should post the links to these subreddits, which in turn gives a good chance for getting your news or link to the front page.

Subreddits also have good number of subscribers. So, even if your news is not selected for front page but only for subreddit’s front page, still your news will get decent traffic. Therefore, it is very important to select correct subreddit.

One can also post links using Reddit Bookmarklets. If someone has already bookmarked the link to the Reddit, you will be taken to the bookmarked page for voting.

Reddit Front Page

Reddit is one of the most important social bookmarking website as it helps to get a quality backlink too. Reddit has millions of user online which gives great viewership for the news. The Reddit front page as described above contains best 25 links around the world. Reddit has two sections: New and What’s Hot. The hot post can enjoy 24 hours traffic while the new section if not voted or discussed will be thrown back to second page and so on.

Be a Power Reddit User

Being a power Reddit user, one needs to post quality links so that the discussion is been done on the same and also the voting. The more votes your links get, the more karma you will get.

People can make friends on Reddit and also can private message them. Commenting on different posts also helps to gain karma and it also shows the activism of the user.

Summary to Reddit First Page Journey

1)    Create a descriptive and complete profile.

2)    Reddit on regular basis.

3)    Message to your friends on Reddit.

4)    Comment on other posts.

5)    Be a power Reddit user.

6)    Only Reddit quality links.

7)    Do not Spam.

Why would Reddit ban me?

Reddit is very strict with their rules. Read the rules carefully before posting links. Spamming is not the place to be in Reddit. They hate spammers and they have their criteria of finding a spammer and banning him/her for lifetime.

Do not only post links from only one website. Reddit other links too. Also preserve your Reddit speed. The faster you vote and submit links, the more you will be prone for ban.

Hence, Reddit is a great place for sharing news and links. Reddit quality links and makes good number of friends on Reddit. Share your news with them and get good discussion going. After trying all these methods, you will definitely see a rise on your referral traffic.


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