How to Get Twitter Traffic to Your Blogs?

In the previous article on social media, we have covered why social media is the best strategy to use than search engine optimization, we have also discussed how to get traffic from Facebook to your blog posts.

We will cover how to get twitter traffic to your blogs in this very article without much ado.

How to get twitter traffic to your blog posts?

Be active on twitter: If you want to get most out of twitter, spend quality time on it to know what all the other people are tweeting and sharing. Just analyze what other bloggers are saying, what they are writing and how many times they are tweeting a day to promote their online businesses.

How to Get Twitter Traffic to Your Blogs?

How to Get Twitter Traffic to Your Blogs?

If you observe, the people who are more active on twitter, in other words, those people with too many twitter followers will tweet more times a day.

They tweet at least 5 to 8 times a day to grow share their stuff with their followers. This makes them to get even more twitter followers in no time. So, you do the same, follow this simple tip to get more attention on twitter.

Don’t self promote: This is the most dumbest mistake more bloggers make on twitter. They always self promote their contents and expect other bloggers sharing or tweeting their blog posts. How can you expect others to share your stuff when you don’t share their contents?

Promote other bloggers blog posts, tweet their best posts and use #tags and their twitter names to grab their attention, they will surely consider sharing your stuff then.

Know the best times to tweet: According to many researches, the best time to tweet on twitter to get more online visibility is between 1 PM to 3 PM (EST time zone). Even on weekends like Saturday and Sundays more people spend their time on twitter, so promote your best posts on these days to get more visibility on twitter.

Follow top bloggers in your niche: To tweet the best tweets and share top notch contents with your readers, fans or followers, the best way is, follow influential bloggers in your niche. Try to connect with them, share their contents, regularly retweet their tweets, this way you can quickly grab their attention.

Install tweet old posts plugin: If you want to get more traffic from twitter, you must be promoting even your old blog posts to get more visibility. There’s a great WP plugin that will help you tweet old blog posts, you can schedule them several times a day to automatically tweet your old posts.

Download the plugin here

Use catchy headlines: Always use catchy headlines on your blog posts while tweeting. Because there are thousands of tweets will be tweeted on twitter each and everyday. Thus, it makes very difficult for you to get more visibility on your tweets to get more promotion.

So, spend quality time to write captivating headlines that will make other bloggers to click on your tweets to see what’s in it. This way you can get more traffic from twitter to your blog posts.

Don’t forget to use your website URL on your twitter bio.

This is the most common mistake many bloggers will make, they don’t use their blog URL’s on their twitter bio’s. Don’t do this on your twitter profile.


Please share if you have any more tips to get traffic from twitter.

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