How To Get Traffic From Pinterest On Your Blog?

There is no doubt that day by day Pinterest is becoming more attention creator. Pinterest can pull lot of traffic on your blog or site only if you use it in a right way. Therefore let’s talk regarding how to use Pinterest to get traffic on site.


  • Do show off of your pins on your site

To make it simple for other to share your site’s content on Pinterest; you wish to get followers on your Pinterest account through making it simple for others to link with you on Pinterest. A nice way to practice that is show your pins on your website. Lot of plugins will pull in your Pinterest content and show it in widgets.

  • Blog niche matters

In case Pinterest is regarding one thing, it is eyecandy. As, eyecandy comes in several forms: food, cars, products, clothing, beautiful women, redesigned living rooms, and much more. In case your blog is regarding things – majorly things, which people want or can buy – then you can rock it by Pinterest.

  • Reference Pinterest in Other Channels

The single way you will be able to “cross-pollinate” efficiently between Pinterest, other social websites, and your blog is to vigorously handle it. Retell your other social platform’s followers that you are now on Pinterest, so that will also come on Pinterest and start following you and your blog content.

  • Do Not get Avaricious 

Keep in mind the aim of Pinterest is to share what you like with others. In case you overdo the self-glorification it would turn-off people. Make sure you share you share content besides your own. Have Pinboards regarding topics other than your own work so that you can appeal people at the “edges” of your position.

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