How to Get Traffic from Google+ to Your Blogs?

In the previous articles, we have discussed about how to drive traffic from twitter and Facebook. Lets discuss how to get traffic from Google+ to your blogs in this posts.

Let me clear few things before digging into the details.

Why you need to focus on Google+?

Google+ is one of the best ways to get traffic to your blog posts. There are so many benefits of using Google+ to improve your blogs.

Google+ can

  • improve online visibility for your blog posts (the more +1?s you have on your posts, the better visibility you can get)
  • give better rankings for your potential keywords
  • bring more traffic

Is Google+ worth your time?

Yes, definitely. In this Google panda and penguin world, you need more social media engagement to rank high in Google search results for your primary keywords. No matter how busy you are spend quality time to connect with others using Google+ to reap the best rewards.

How to bring traffic from Google+ then?

Here are few surefire ways to get Google+ traffic and visibility to your blog posts.

Ask your readers to +1 your posts: This is the best and effective way to get more +1?s and traffic from Google+, ask your readers to +1 on your blog posts. If they like your posts and if they find your blog posts interesting and connecting – they will surely share your posts by +1?ing with their networks.

So, focus your time on writing quality posts that will help your readers to solve their problems. Don’t write generic posts that don’t add any value to your audience. Always keep your targeted readers in mind while creating the contents on your blog.

Use +1 sharing buttons – give less sharing options: What I observed from most of the bloggers (especially the new bloggers) is this – they give too many sharing options to their readers. How can you expect more tweets, likes and +1?s on your posts if they feel overwhelmed with your sharing buttons?

Don’t use excessive sharing buttons. Just use those sharing buttons that will actually bring you some online visibility and traffic. Make sure you are using Google+ button to bring more traffic from Google+

Connect with the influential bloggers: No matter how great you are creating the contents on your blog, you NEED visibility to make your posts go viral. Without any doubt, you will get more online visibility and traffic if an influential blogger in your niche shares your posts.

So use your time to connect with the top bloggers in your niche using your Google+ profiles. Regularly comment on their blog posts and give +1?s to grab their attention.

Spend your time on your Google+ page: Don’t use your Google+ profile just to share your posts. You REALLY can’t expect traffic or visibility if you spend less time or if you use Google+ just to promote your stuff. Spend quality time to engage with other bloggers, frequently write about Google+ to educate your readers. This way you can surely bring more traffic from Google+ profile pages.

Share the BEST stuff: Who will like to connect with you if you share generic contents on your Google+ pages? Share the best content that is available online. Share the ‘trending topics’ to grab other bloggers attention to click on the links on your Google+ pages.

Over to you:

Do you have any more tips to get traffic from Google+ pages?

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