How to Get More Email Subscribers: 4 Incredible Ways

Email list is the no. 1 asset that any blogger could gain.
As we have already discussed about importance of Email marketing, we would like to continue and tell you more on how to get more email subscribers. If you are smart enough to understand the email marketing benefits, you will start building your email list from the beginning of your blogging career.
If you are not aware of email marketing benefits – here are few.

  • get targeted traffic
  • build great online reputation
  • build strong relationships with readers
  • make more sales using affiliate links

Email marketing is often called permission marketing – because people are giving their emails to you for something in return.
You can gain their email addresses in many ways. But here are we are going to discuss the incredible ways to get more email subscribers in less time.
The funny thing is even if you are new to blogging, you could apply the same tips to get more email subscribers in no time.
Let’s get started without further ado.
Four incredible ways to get more email subscribers in less time:

1. Don’t just offer updates – giveaway premium stuff for free

This is the first rule, don’t miss this tip if you want to build a great email list. Create premium stuff and give it away for free in the exchange of email addresses. You can create anything from eBooks to podcasts and infographics to plugins.
What’s the catch?
If you just provide updates to get email subscribers – they simply ignore. Why? They are anyhow getting your updates when they open your sites, then why should they give their email addresses.
If you are offering something valuable and interesting stuff, your readers or visitors will definitely love to give their emails in return of getting your products. All you need is to create something unique which is not offering by anyone else.

2. Use social media sites to get more subscribers

Use social media sites like Facebook, twitter and G+ to get more subscribers. Ask your friends to tweet, share and circle your sales or landing pages. This way you will be able to get more online visibility. The more people tweet about your incentives the more email subscribers you could get.
Use just retweet to get more email subscribers. All you need to do is to sign in with twitter account and give few credits (you can gain credits by tweeting others stuff!) to your email optin pages. This way you will be able to get more tweets from the fellow bloggers which result in gaining more email subscribers in less time.
Also don’t forget the importance of Facebook. Use your Facebook pages and groups to share your blog posts and sales pages with others. If other bloggers find it interesting, they will immediately sign up to your mailing list.

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3. Ask less information and put email optin forms in prominent places

This is a must if you want to get more email subscribers on your blogs. Remove the barrier to get more subscription rates, don’t ask their names, just ask their email addresses and you are done! Why ask more info which is not at all needed?
And putting your email optin forms in the most visible places can bring your more email subscribers. Here are few prominent places to put your email optin forms.

  • Your about page
  • At the end of your blog posts
  • Footer
  • Top of the sidebar
  • Above the fold

Pro tip: Use landing pages if possible because they are less distractive. They can bring your more email subscribers in less time if you use stunning design and graphics on your sites (like showing your product images, using testimonials and social proof can boost your email subscription rates!).

4. Use popup’s but make them cute

Popup’s are the best ways to get more attention on your products that you offer to your email subscribers. But make them less annoying, don’t use annoying colors, fonts to make your visitors scary. If they really like your popup’s the chances of getting more email subscription rates will be high.
Use the tools like Popup domination, WP popup, WP revolution or custom made popup’s to create stunning popup’s to build your email list.

A word of caution: While building email list, don’t send promotional emails (in the beginning). And too many emails a week can make them unsubscribe from your email list. So make sure to send two to three emails a week to retain your subscribers. After all, retaining subscribers is the most important aspect in building a great email list.
In a nutshell: If you are giving incentives along with the great content on your blogs consistently – within less time you will be able to see thousands of subscribers in your list.
Please share your views to getting more email subscribers, I’d love to hear your suggestions 🙂

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