How To Get Link Value From Your Affiliate Link?

Affiliate marketing and SEO often go hand to hand, but you know that the best SEOs are the best Affiliates and visa versa.

You might find many SEO affiliates who are looking to increase their links and make sure that they get better and quality link through affiliate URL. It is really important to attract more and more people to use your affiliate program to track them, and pay them. At the mean while you also need to keep link-weight passed through those links. Therefore it is really important for getting a link value for your affiliate marketing.  Let’s see how you can do that.


  1. It is better to use standard tracking URL, keep a track of cookies for each click and commissions and after that use 301 redirect back to the main URL. It is better to have 301 redirect links.
  2. Always use URL tracking that are search engine friendly. Then 301 redirect the cookies to the appropriate place.
  3. If you want, you can attempt the rel=canonical element as an alternative to physical redirecting.

The above methods are most likely the easiest ways, but you need to know that all search engines do not support it, but Google does.


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