How to Get $app_id and $app_secret key for Facebook Applications

As we know that Facebook is great source of traffic for blogger and website owners. Today we have got simple tutorial for generating FB APP Id and APP Secret key which is basic step while creating an Facebook Application. In case of any doubt, you can give your comment in comment box and I will try to solve it.

Step 1: .

Register yourself as Developer in Facebook. Simply go to and signup.

Step 2:

Click on “Create a New APP” under “APP Menu”.

Create FB App

Step 2: Create FB App

 Step 3:

Input your FB App Name which will be displayed while sharing the content. Also provide Namespace which will be used by Facebook to handle your application and should be unique. Now select your purpose of application, for general we have selected Business.

Create new Facebook App

Create new Facebook App

Step 4:

Input the Security Captcha and click on submit. Now note this APP ID and APP secret key which you will need to enter in

Security Captcha Facebook App

Security Captcha Facebook App

Step 5:

Add the APP domain name where you are going to run this application (or website url where app will be hosted). If you are creating app id for, than enter “”

Add Domain Name

Add Domain Name

Step 6:

Also you can Add Platform for the same i.e. add Website and in Site URL write

Add platform as Website

Add platform as Website


Add Website in FB App

Add Website in FB App


Step 7:

Go to Status and Review and enable this Application to make it live.

Make FB App Live

Make FB App Live


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    Its been really informative and helpful for all beginners who want to develop their apps on Facebook.

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