How To Do Video Chat On Facebook?

Facebook has become the major source for connection people together around the world. You can see that more than billions of people are online on Facebook most of the time. As compared to the time when Facebook was launched to the current time, there are a lot of changes that has been seen. As this has become the main source for connecting people together, therefore the CEO Mark Zuckerberg has given the new feature that is the video calling feature on Facebook. Skype powers this video-calling feature on Facebook.


To the Facebook messenger there are many other new features added that are group chat, video chat and many more. Over here we are going to see how you can make a video chat on Facebook.

Let’s see How to do video chat on Facebook:

Step 1: Before you start video chatting; you must first go to calling so that you enable your account to have video calling facility.

Step 2: Click on get the button “Get Started” to start the process.

Step 3: As soon as you click on that this will ask you “Whom Do you Like to call.” Click on that person that you are willing to call.

Step 4: When you will click on the person the new chat window will pop up and will show you added video calling option on the top of the messenger.

Step 5:  Click on that button to start your video calling with your friends and enjoy the video calling.

Follow this simple step so that you can make an easy video calling process in no time with your friend.  There is no need for installation or any other head ace work to do. Just go to calling and follow the procedure.

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