How To Create Your Own Website In 10 Minutes

Creating a self or business service website is like a must need today. Every business needs a website. It does not matter if your business is a product selling or service provider. Even models too have a website to showcase their portfolio. Your website is like your business card now. So, how to create your own website? Do you want to give it to someone else by giving them heck of money or do you want to create your own website in few simple steps without actually coding or designing. The last decision is yours. The article sum ups the method to create the website by simply using Dreamweaver.

Dreamweaver is a very simple tool and is very much helpful for both coders and non-coders. One can easily add tables, links, graphics, and styles to his/her website.


Following are the steps to create your own website.

I.   Use Help Tools:

  •  In Dreamweaver, Go to Help —–> Dreamweaver Help.
  • You can find content tab, select it to understand about how to layout your webpage, work with codes and how to add content to your page.

II.  Use Tables to Edit Websites:

  • Select Insert than Table to create the table within your webpage.
  • When table’s dialog box pops up, select the table rows, columns, border, width as per your sufficient needs and click ok.
  • Split view will you to see both coding and designing mode. Select it so you can use HTML codes. Add the content in the tables.
  • Check the code, it should start with <table> and end with </table>. If this is so than you are doing great.
  • TR is for rows and TD is for columns.

III.  Insert Images and Graphics:

  • Go to Insert than Image from the toolbar to select the image from which ever location.
  • Go to the Image Tag attributes and write an alternate text for the image or graphics. When you hover a mouse cursor on the image on your website, the text you wrote here will be seen that time.

IV.  Add Links to your website and template.

  • To add links, type something on the specific page and select it. Go to Insert than to Hyperlink.
  • In the Link section type in the website url you want to give.
  • If you want to link an email address, select a text than go to insert than to Email link. Type the desired email address and hit ok.

So, these are the ways to edit web templates. You can download many free templates for HTML and CSS over the internet. Just search in Search Engines

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