How To Create Visual Resume By Using 3 Simple Steps?

Almost each and every employer needs traditional CVs; however visual resumes are high in popularity and can make you unique and attentive on the land and in the crows of job. After seeing 100s of visual resumes, anyone can say these forms of resumes can be either original masterpiece or flops, something that is just aching to watch.


More and more firms are seeking to understand a capable employee on personal level and Visual resume can surely give employee’s insight. There are some people whom still thinking that what is Visual Resume, how to create Visual resume, so Visual resumes tell a concept and this can offer capable employers an attentive snapshot of who you are? Many people search for visual resume sample.

Here in this article we are going to tell you how to create Visual resume in just 3 steps –

  • Start PowerPoint and create a slide show of your resume. You can stop now if you want and save that file as a PowerPoint file and post it SlideShare .net. In case you would like to feature your resume completely as a slide show presentation.
  • In case you would like to make it like movie then once you have created the show, just click on the “Slide Show” tab and after that click over “rehearse timings.” Be careful; give sufficient time to yourself to read each and every slide before clicking on next button. After that you can see a preview and your show will manually shift from one slide to another at intervals you set previously.
  • Save your show as movie and upload it on YouTube, your website, Jobster or blog.

This is all it takes; the difficult part is deciding what to add in your visual resume. Generally, you will wish to add what is on your traditional resume in a very brief format, while showing glimpse of your identity.

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