How To Create Keyword in Rich Pages

SEO is all about text, the words on your pages matches the search engine to the queries that is made by the people by using web browser. The page being relevant to a search and shown up by it then the closer query matches to the superior likely hood. Though websites has to be designed keeping end user in mind rather than search engine to achieve the main goal of creating websites and to get users some desired on your website like purchasing product, blog post. The website that is build for our users openness whereas search engine is friendly. Just use your own designed judgment and what so ever you do in manner of usability test to make sure your pages are not least pleasing to visitors as they aren’t search engines. Website which consists of pages; formation of keyword loaded pages is established with some rules.


 Rules for creating keyword rich pages: –

When keywords has advanced and finalized plan your pages than each page focuses on one or two significant key word. Make key word rich pages in which particular keyword phrase is recurring such that the occurrence of that keyword expression is higher than other expression on that page. The most fundamental element of successful in SEO is High quality key word even Good content apart from search engines. Keep in mind search engines never read your content only index it; only people read your content.

Place keywords in well-known locations on your web pages. Always place keyword on the top of the page in the title, Meta tag explanation and so on. A keyword situated at the top of page is more well-known then place more down for instance keyword at front of title tag is more well-known than keyword at the end, place your keywords in title tag if at all possible as the first word.

These are small things that fetch about vast distinction in your pages position in search engines ignoring them can do great harm to your site and subsequent it can help you to achieve favorable results.

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