How To Check Website Traffic Without Analytics?

Hello everyone! This might be one of the major questions of almost all the blogger about how to check website traffic without Analytics? As you must know that you can find traffic estimation services so that you can check the page view and unique visitors. You can get the traffic estimation services from Compete, Quantcast, Alexa and many others, but the question comes as it the data correct?


To sort it out we have made some research as compared to the traffic estimation services and Google Analytics.

  1. Alexa:

Alexa is one of the most commonly used traffic estimation services provider that give you an estimated percent of Internet users that have visited your site. As compared to Google Analytics, the Alexa chart patter is almost same.

  1. Compete:

Compete is the best traffic estimation services provider for giving an estimate of total US traffic. They have their own tool bar know as ISP, which they use to calculate the unique visitors.

If you want to check visitors from US, then Compete gives you some closer report as compare to the Google Analytics.

  1. QuantCast

This traffic estimation services provider gives you repote of unique visitors along with their demographic. You might not get data for almost all the sites and is also less accurate.

  1. Google Ad Planner:

This is one of the most highly recommended traffic estimation services providers. This one gives you an accurate and comprehensive report. Using this you can know the traffic of your website for a particular region, total page view, broad category, unique visitors and many more. If you want to check your website traffic on Google Ad planner, then follow this step:

  1. Click on the Begin Research tab that you can find it on the Ad Planner Dashboard.
  2. On the “Site Visited” section type the name of your website.
  3. On the right hand side you will now see the site, click on the site to check the visitors.

These are some of the best-recommended traffic estimation services providers that you can get.

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