How to Become A Problogger?

Who Is A Real Problogger?

Okay I’m not talking about Darren Rowse. Here’s the simple definition of a professional blogger. The blogger who focuses on solving others problems is a a real problogger. Hands down, professional bloggers focus more on solving readers problems than solving their own problems.

So how to become a problogger?

Go where people are already gathering

Be active on forums: If you want to quickly establish a good name in the blogosphere, forums that are related to your niche is the best way to hang out on. Because you’ll find similar mindset users where they share similar types of links, articles and even their blogging problems.

If you show some interest on solving their problems, they’ll surely consider checking out your blog. You can leave a signature of your blog url in the forums profile page. This way others can easily find you. But make sure that you’re not spamming the forums by submitting your urls. Try to solve others problems and involve in the discussion to build a network around your blog.

Use Facebook, twitter the smart way: Google is kicking bloggers by using crazy updates like panda, penguin and all. If you want to become a problogger, don’t rely on Google. Instead, use social media sites like Facebook and twitter to bring more people to read your content. This is one of the best solutions for Google kick-ass updates – use social media. Join Facebook groups and link to best articles with like minded people to get more attention. Spend quality time on twitter to connect with the influencers in your niche.

Be everywhere – use blog comments, guest posting as your weapons: One thing I like about blog comments is this: you can build genuine relationships with the blog owners by leaving thoughtful comments. Similarly when you want to grow your blog or network, try to land on top blogs in your niche with your guest posts.

People connect with people

Do you know the simple secret to build thriving audience around your blog?

It is.. connecting with people, not with robots.

When you’re focused more on search engine optimization rather than giving importance to the readers, you’re annoying them. In the long term, they’ll simply choose other blogs on their favorite blogs list. It’s as simple as that.

People are the ones who share your content, who share your stuff with others to make it go viral, not search engines!

SEO is important but don’t do excessive keyword stuffing, it leads to bad user experience on your blog. You may probably end up with search engine traffic but you won’t see a single comment on your blog posts.. now you decide whether or not to totally depend on Google.

Try to create a positive impression rather than focusing on bringing new readers

Most bloggers (especially newbies) focus more on traffic.. even I did it when I started.

But here’s the bitter truth about blog traffic – traffic is useless unless it converts!

Are you getting me?

In simple words.. your blog traffic either should bring you more comments, subscribers or sales. That’s it!

You don’t need to bring 1000?s of unique visitors every single night. You ONLY need laser targeted traffic, that plays a vital role for your blog in the long run to make more money.

Focus on creating a positive impression on your blog visitors that bringing more traffic.

How can you do that?

Make your design ridiculously simple. Most bloggers keep their design busy (it’ll be too much cluttered). But don’t do it, keep it simple to make more conversions from it.

Try to create a great impression on your site. Because first impression is the last impression.

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