How to Beat Writer’s Block? 6 Unique Ways to Do It Better

Writer’s block, blogger’s block are all the same. Once they occur you don’t feel like writing anything. One thing most bloggers or writers forget while they’re in writer’s block is this: it is COMMON.

Almost every blogger will face writer’s block. Even the prolific writers face writer’s block every once in a while.

Then how to get rid of writer’s block without much struggling?

Here are few strategies to beat writer’s block

Don’t write: This may seems to be silly strategy. But it works really better when you’re in writer’s block. You should take a break when you face blogger’s block, don’t write anything. And don’t force yourself to write anything when you’re in mood to not to write. Otherwise you may produce crappy content to the readers, which is a BIG NO.

Just write: This point may seems to be bit intriguing with the above point, but this works for few people (I used the word FEW here, remember!). When you’re struggling with writer’s block, just write whatever comes into your mind. Write about your friends, family or your dreams and goals. No matter how distinguishing the topic is with your niche, but write something. Keep a paper and start writing. If you’re addicted writing using notepad, or online tools, then go ahead, start writing. You’ll surley come out of that situation soon after writing nonsense. Yes, this thing really works, once give it a try if you’re in writer’s block.

Read: Reading other blogs, newspapers, or something else will give you better ideas to write something for your blog. This works like a charm when you’re in blogger’s block. Read excessively, don’t write anything. Just read to learn something. Read to gain some knowledge, and don’t force yourself to write while reading. You’ll certainly comeup with hell lot of blog post ideas when you’re once done reading part.

Play music: How this works? Music can heal anything and/or anyone. Listen to your favorite music and notice the results. The key point here is: do nothing when you’re tuned into something. Just listen the songs or watch videos at HIGH volume. Yea make it loud. You’ll feel better and you may get enough inspiration to write your next blog posts. This is one of the best strategies to beat writer’s block in it’s butt.

Keep an idea folder: Whenever you’re in a good mood to write, don’t tempt to write immediately. Hang on, and store the mind blowing ideas into a folder, name the folder however you like (I keep the folder name as “Ideas folder”). Ideas folder can act as a booster when you’re in writer’s block. When you don’t know what to write, you can open ideas folder to know your ideas. Then start writing them one by one. You’ll really find it easy with the ideas folder.

Write your own posts in opposite tone: What are your most popular posts in your blog? Write them in an opposite point of view. For example lets assume that you’ve a blog post named “How to beat writer’s block” in your most popular of posts category, then try writing in the opposite way.. something like “How NOT to beat writer’s block”.. I hope you got an idea what I’m talking about now. Try it out now!

Over to you:

How do you overcome writer’s block? Share your views below..

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