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In an inbound advertising technique why the business blogging has become so important?  If you see in today’s world the business blogging has become a business for most of the people. They have earned a lot of money from it. Hence making money online has become easier.


If you are considering blogging as a business then you should really think of making it better. Think about what dose a visitor want that will attract your site? What can you do to your site so that you can get more and more visitors? It is not that tough top generate resources, but to get an attention of the visitor is really a tough task. You can find many of the Search Engine Optimization Strategies to make your blog on rank.

Only maintaining the content would not work. There are many aspects that you have to carry on for it. So let’s find that how can you get more visitors to your site.

Easy to navigating design

The most common mistake that a designer do is that he make the design that he can understand or over do something to there blog. This is what we don’t have to follow with our blog design. Remember that whenever the visitors visit your site it should be easy to navigate from one page to another.

This will help the visitor to search for what he really needs. If suppose you have a business menu at your page and in that if you add a sub menu as World Business and Local Business then it would be easy for the visitor to choose what he wants. Remember if it is easy to navigate from one page to another the more visitors you get.


Attractive Title

Every one writes an article for there blog, but has anybody thought of making an attractive title. It is really important for every bloggers to make the title attractive. It is because when ever some one visits your site he first looks at the title before reading the content.

So before posting your article read the title again and again and come up with some of the best that you can.

Font color and size of the article

This is an important thing that you have to note down. Always choose a bigger font. Don’t try to add fonts like old English or any other designing font. It will make the readability tougher for the visitors. If suppose you have an excellent knowledgeable article at your blog and it is not easy to read then there is no use of posting it. Remember to have a simple font because the people who read the post are simple and like something simple to understand.

After selecting the font remember to choose the proper color tat do not irritate the eyes of the visitors. Try to choose the font color that matches the Back ground color of your website.


So these are some of the basics blogging tips that you should remember. So if you have any other tips then post a comment and let us know.

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