How to Add YouTube Video in a WordPress Post – A Simple Process

Now you must have seen almost all website posts are having not only images but alsothey having videos to educate readers more precisely. You also want to showcase video in your site’s post then do not worry, we here to educate you about how to add YouTube video in WordPress?

Followingare the steps, which you would need to follow to upload YouTube video in WordPress.

1.       Show the additional WYSIWYG icons –

Show the additional WYSIWYG icons

The default WordPress post editor might seems something similar to the image above. To get “MAGIC” button only click over this: that opens ton of other WordPress sorts, which very some people looks to talk about.

2.       Click on Video embed button-


Click on this: that will open up “Add Video pane. The pane seems like this –

3.       Grasp the YouTube URL  –

Grasp the YouTube URL

4.       Paste YouTube URL  in the file URL box –

Click on Video embed button-

Unnecessary to say you can paste in number of forms of links here. Not each service functions, however I consider all of the main works such as Myspace, Vimeo, and YouTube. Also self-hosted videos might work by this way by I have not attempt it by myself.  You do not need to bother by the “Type” section of the type. Leave this set to flash. Once you paste in YouTube video URL, you can also edit the size of video to fit particularly in your blog. be assure to see off Coerce so that video lives balanced. After you have done this, you will see embedded video’s preview that is also a good feature.


There is too an “Advanced” tab, which offers you also MORE options the moment you mix it with the  option called “Type”, however I will not get in that this go over. I will tell this though. It is POWERFUL.

5.       Click on insert & you are done –

Paste YouTube URL  in the file URL box

From there you will get to see a yellow placeholder box that shows your video’s placement. You can arrange the size and strain it over just similar you will do any picture in a post.

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