How to Access Blocked Torrent Sites in India

For people who lives in India and mostly prefer to download movies, software, and episodes from Torrent have a bad news that ISP from India has blocked almost all major torrent website’s. Now when you visit these sites you will see the error message “This website/URL has been blocked until further notice either pursuant to Court orders or on the Directions issued by the Department of Telecommunications.”


This is done because they want to stop the illegal sharing of Copyright content so that the you stop online piracy. Torrent was the only site that provided you with all the new content and these content was shared worldwide.

But you must know that there is some other ways to get your torrent started. We are here for those people who want to access their blocked torrent sites. Follow the steps to access blocked torrent sites in India:

1.    Using Secured HTTP (https):

One of the most simple and the easiest way to access blocked torrent sites in India is using Secured https://. When you type http:// site name, then you will see the same error message, so if you want to get access then add https:// and the site name to get the access.

2.    Use Web Proxy:


After using secure http, you can also make an try to use web proxy. Using web proxy sites will help you to get access to the blocked torrent. To get proxy IP, you can visit To get the access, you can visit the proxy site and add the URL in the address field and then submit it. When you submit this, you will notice that the torrent site will automatically start inside the proxy site. After the site is open you can start the download.

3.    Use IP Proxy:


This is the best and the easiest way to get. You can use IP Address from different countries to get the torrent opened. This you have to do only once and you will definitely get your torrent site opened in no time.  Once you have used IP Proxy, then you do not have to go through any of the above steps. To get IP proxy, you can visit When you visit this site you will see number of options. Click on IP:Port Proxies. When you click on that link you will get number of Proxy IP’s. It will be better if you choose that Proxy IP which has better connection time and speed. After you have got the proxy IP, you just have to add the proxy on your browser so that you can access any of the Torrent sites.

This is how you can now get an access to any of the torrent sites. Therefore, if people want to access blocked torrent sites in India, then follow any of the steps given above and let access any of the blocked torrent sites.

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