Google Webmaster Tool Updated Crawl Error

There are lots of changes that Google has made in this month and in the starting of this week Google Webmaster tool has updated crawl error. They have made changes in the interface and tracking data. Not only that you can also see the crawl error types that are shown in different languages.


Following are the Error Changes that Google Webmaster tool have made:

  1. URL Error: In this you can see errors like soft 404, Page not found 404, access denies and etc.
  2. Site Error: This error affects on your site and it includes error like fail of DNS resolution, server errors, and incapability to transfer toboot.txt and etc.

After all this there are some more improvements made in it checking the error page. To do that you need to click on the error page URL and then open detail panel that will show you:

  • Page linked from.
  • Sitemap list
  • Date of problem detected.

Option first and last is mainly helpful that allows you to check weather the URL error is fixed or not before marking it. Inside the box you can have right to use the page to check weather the error has been solved by using Fetch as Googlebot button, Link to the URL problem etc.

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