Google Webmaster Tool Now Gives You Crawl Error Alerts

In the past only Google sent you alerts through Webmaster tools when your website was hacked, got malware on it, required a software upgrade, or had severe spam problems. Google now will send you alerts though Webmaster tools ( and mail it on your id in case you set it up to forward to email) when you see crawl errors. Google will deliver you alerts for both site wide and page particular issues. Site wide alerts contain –


  • Your web server itself is firewalled off.
  • Your DNS server is misconfigured or down. Your web server is down or overloaded.
  • Your web server is declining connections from Googlebot.
  • Your website’s robots.txt is unreachable.

Over the past 24 hours, Googlebot met 347 errors while trying to save DNS information for your website. The in all error rate for DNS questions for your website is 100.0%. You can discover more details regarding these errors on the Webmaster tools.

Recommended action:

In case the site error rate is 100%:

Make a use of WHOIS tool to check that has a right whois record and that nameservers are arranged for the website. In case not, contact to your domain registration to update your whois records.

By utilizing a DNS lookup tool check that the nameserver’s name can be set to an IP address. In case not, either update your whois record to comprise an IP address for your nameserver, or update the DNS records for nameserver.

Utilizing a DNS lookup tool, check that can be set to an IP address. In case it cannot, update DNS record for in your nameserver.

In case the website rate is lower than 100%:

The most preferably explanation is your nameserver is overloaded. Talk to you hosting provider and discuss the configuration of your DNS server and probability of allocating much resources to DNS service.

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