Google Webmaster Tool-AdSense Pros And Cons

It is seen that whenever you have your website online and also have better visitors we think of using AdSense ads to our website so that we could generate income. But have anybody searched for the pros and cons of it.

So to let people know about what are the pros and cons we are here to discuss about it.


Pros: –

  • The wonderful tool for webmaster is AdSense. AdSense has taken all the worries from administers to make some income from website and keep the site word-wild.
  • AdSense has made the site owner to throw all the doubt and start working on the content of the website. The only thing that you have to worry about is the content of the website. The better content you have the better visitors you get and the better money.
  • It is very easy to integrate the ads by AdSense at your website. You can place the ads anywhere you want and after few days or months can experience the better income.
  • To generate the better revenue the only thing you have to work with is the content and a better design of your website. As you know that lot’s of people try to fetch some correct information from internet. So if you have better quality content and the design of the website makes the website easy to understand then it is obvious that the people who visited your site will visit it again.
  • The best part of AdSense is that you can have a similar account to promote the ads to all pages of your site. This is the best part made by webmasters as the owner doesn’t have to make several account.

These are some of the pros of AdSense. Now let’s talk about the cons.

Cons: –

  • The bad thing about Google is that they pay you only if you reach the amount of $100.
  • Google don’t give any information about the revenue. That means that which ads give you how much money.
  • Anyhow if Google find that there a fake click on the ads then they will ban your site and stop the income process for your website. That means you won’t find your website on Google search engine page.
  • Once you have activated AdSense on your site then you cannot use any other alternative ads to your site. That means you can have only AdSense ads at your site.

These are some the Pros and Cons that Google AdSense has. So when you know all about AdSense it is better to use it. As knowing the risk that means you won’t follow it. So better think about it before activating your AdSense account.


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