Google Sends Notifications To The Websites It Has Started Ignoring

On Friday, Google started sending out latest back of link warning notifications. What we got later was these were not punishment notifications, however rather just a heads up from Google that Google is overlooking few links, which are directing towards your website.


This update posted by Matt Cutts on is Google+ page telling these notifications can be overlooked. Ignored! Yes, ignored! How can manual notifications be overlooked when Google has informed us that manual notifications are penalties, and must not be ignored? So they did. Google’s aims were golden. They wishes to be much transparent, tell you they are overlooking links however when it went down to the applications, they just messed up.

Danny Sullivan blew up and titled this foolishness and he is correct. It reasoned a prime scare among SEOs, webmasters and those people who owned websites, never carried a link in their life, did not even know what link purchasing was and got it serious notification, which read, ‘our view of your complete site is impacted.’ Therefore, Google moderated the message on the weekend. Matt Cutts updated the post to write:

Thanks to everybody who gave response on this moderation. An engineer worked this weekend ground on suggestions here, and beginning on Sunday we made 2 moderations therefore you can say the ‘individual links are not trusted’ messages from ‘our opinion of your complete site is impacted’ messages.

Very firstly, we moderated the messages themselves that we will send to make it clear that for a particular incident ‘we are taking much aimed action on the unnatural links in spite of your website as a complete.’ Therefore anybody that gets message going ahead can tell what form of action has appeared.

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