Google Project Glasses – Benefits for all?

Google Project Glasses could be the invention of the decade. We have seen smartphones and tablets but they would not be anywhere close to this ultimate product. Google Project Glasses will be the first real step to enter into robotic generation.

What is Google Project Glasses?

Google Project Glasses will be the new and improved way to cope with the surroundings. People can now see street maps in front of their eyes, Video and voice chat on the go. This is not yet the limit, people can also click photos and share it with their friends.


Who all will be benefited?

Mobile Network Service Providers

So our main discussion point who will be more benefited? Definitely Google, but with them the internet service providers will earn even more value now. With the introduction of 4G, these glasses will definitely need a powerful and stable internet connection and this what 4G can give to the users. I always thought will i ever need a service better than my 3G. However, it certainly is essential. With only 400kbps, the multitasking will not be easy on the go.


Bloggers or the users of Google Adsense or Adwords

This is the funny part, if Google is trying to update the device so that people can call also then they are definitely planning to vanish smartphones and  tablets out of the market. The product is as same as that Chrome-books where people can do everything on one related device. If this is to be taken into account than the ad provider bloggers will earn more benefits as well. The ads will be shown in front of people’s eye which will create even more impact.


Quick Suggestion

Our quick suggestion is either to open one of the above business or to open a new hospital as people would continuously be engaged with the device and there are more chances of accidents.

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