Google Penguin Update – Monster Has Arrived To Kill The Spam

It is almost more than one year that we detested Panda and looks like now there will be another animal in the hate list of Webmasters. Do you know about recent update of Google, which came few days back that is Google Penguin update!

You must be thinking what this Google Penguin Update is. So here is the answer –

What is Google Penguin Update?

Earlier in February 2011, when very first Google presented Panda update, nobody ever though that it will be a SEO’s turning point. Number of things has been switched since then and now web is becoming more social. Are you aware of recent Google attack on network of private blog? Google not just deindexed such websites however also pulled down that websites like value.

With this Google Penguin update, Google is pointing much on websites that come in the section of Web spam. This contains over optimized SEO website, websites making a use of black hat method, utilizing link scheme, and keyword stuffing to increase backlinks.


How To Check Effect Of Penguin Update?

See your analytic stats and check in case there is any drop in traffic after 19th April 2012 or 24th April 2012. 19th April 2012’s traffic drop happened because of Panda data refresh and in case you see a drop after 24th April that means your website is affected by this new penguin update. So it is a tough time, you must start working for penguin recovery.

Google Webmaster tool is your friend:

Google webmaster tool is Google’s official product and it allows you to check your website SEO in detail. In case you find any changes or issue in your website’s traffic or too many spam links are pointing your website then you will receive notification for that.


Stop Building Unusual links:

This suggestion is for both bloggers and link builders who permit guest posting. As per Google, backlinks that build by guest posting are unusual. Guest posting reduces your website’s quality and you must stop posting guest post from unrelated niches.


 Keyword density:

Stop stuffing keywords in article, instead of that use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) words. Maintain keyword density maximum of 1.5% and target the long tail keywords, which can easily rank. Re-edit your earlier posts, which are crowded by keywords. Keep decent keyword density with LSI words. In case you are a WordPress user then for correct optimization, you can use EasyWPSEO plugin.


Write for users and not ONLY for search engine:

Try to post quality article and make it much informative. Give much attention on heading tags and make your content much appreciable and presentable. In short, write for people who are searching information and not just for search engine.


Stop SEO automation:

In case you are utilizing some automated tricks to optimize your website like software’s such as WebPosition Google to send mechanical query then it is blasphemous Google TOS and such kind of activities must be prevented. 


Go Social:

In case you are working on micro-niche website and it is affected by penguin update then it’s time to focus on social element of your website. Do you have your site’s Google plus page? Are your readers sharing your posted content on social bookmarking websites? In case not, then now you have make proper plan and work according to that. Particularly, in case you haven’t used Google plus button, it’s time to include it quickly.

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