Google Panda Official Update 3.8 Hits The Web World

The penguin update has moved up the SEO world as sites lost their ranking suddenly in one day. As you already understand, this had agitated numbers of and there were many online businesses that were shut down just because one algorithm update from Google. After that, it has become a dangerous game for al; ears are now extensively open to hear regarding the updates to Google algorithms. Now Google has made it a prevalent practice to refresh their algorithms to clean the search results. And it is a big sigh of relief when Google tells, “minor update with one per cent impacts questions. Referring as one per cent is a prevalent numbering from Google when they explain a minor algorithm update, majorly a refresh. They did the similar for all Google Panda algorithm updates containing very recent 3.8 version. You might think that one per cent is a negligible figure, when it comes to Google search questions; one per cent means a lot.


As per the Google search data posted in 2011, the average searches done each day sums up to 4,717,000,000. Out of this many daily searches, there will be a big percentage of new questions. Considering that truth, one per cent impacted questions still means a lot. In turn this means that minor ‘Google algorithm refresh’ is parallel essential to a critical algorithm update. Clearly, though Google has states that panda 3.8 is a small refresh with just one per cent of the questions impacted, there are number of websites whose rankings have vanished again. Actually all the sites that came in rankings because of panda 3.8 update were thinking that their SEO and site standards were up to rules.

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