Google Panda Destroyed 3–off Page SEO Techniques

All people knows that Google Panda has went up, surely as it raised the user’s web experience however actually messed up all those search ranking schemers. We too struggled these things during March to April and these methods was working good, such as one simply rank any keywords only in fifteen to twenty days with those tips. However right now scenario has moderated, Google has improved its algorithm and hit those grey activities for fake link structuring. Therefore…those were those link developing methods. We are point out all those methods and describing below.


Link exchange –

Link Exchange was a nice way to list high on search engines. Due to that the moment you interchange link on homepage with any sit, this will make 100s of backlink through that site. Therefore in case you are nice at Anchor text Metrics than your website is similarly to practice well in search engine ranking. However one more time those links utilizes to be in footer or sidebar, therefore Google has got these methods too.

Blog Commenting – DoFollow

A comment on DoFollow blog was one of the simplest and most famous methods to increase backlinks in those days. In case few one is brilliant sufficient to understand how Google reply to those DoFollow backlinks finding than this was little simple to rank good. The single thing signified was Daily Link Building number, strategies and consistency for Anchor Text. In case some person comes up with right mix of these variables that this was very simple to list. However right now, Google began to see the position from that the link is generating. Therefore those all DoFollow comments are mixed due to Google can realize that link is arriving under fifty per cent the complete page means this similarly in footer or comments. Also link from sidebar is too carrying low weight than before.

Indirect Layer –

This was one more indirect layer practice the moment we utilized to make few blogs marking to the major other blogs and site in that layer and we utilized to make 100s of backlinks to those sites or blogs that are in indirect layer and finally those blogs permits link juice to major site. Therefore our major website did not seem spammy in Google Eye, however one more time this plan is busted.

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