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AdSense has really helped number of bloggers for making money online. If you are using Google Chrome, then you might be happy to have a Chrome AdSense extender from which you can check your earnings without login to your AdSense account. Therefore for those people who want to check their AdSense income without login to their account, this tool will help them.

Before you download the AdSense publisher toolbar extender it is better you know more about this extender or addon. Here is a brief description about the AdSense publisher toolbar.


AdSense Publisher Toolbar:

This is an official Google AdSense toolbar and is know as AdSense publisher toolbar. Using this Addon it becomes easier to check your AdSense earnings. This toolbar is the best choice if you are searching for an easy and faster way to check your AdSense earning.

If you are in hope that this might have the entire feature as you get as soon as you login to your AdSense account, then wait because it is just an extender. The features missing are:

  1. It is not possible to check the earnings through custom channel.
  2. You cannot login to your personal Gmail account, but you have to login to your AdSense enabled account.

This toolbox only helps you to know about your overall  AdSense earnings.

How To Use AdSense Publisher Toolbar:

Using this AdSense extender is really easy. As soon as you install this extender to your Google Chrome toolbar, you only have to give the access to your AdSense account. To do that you have to click on the icon of the Addon that you will see on the toolbar. After you give the access of your AdSense account to the addon it will automatically fetch you’re earning details and show to the updated earning if there is any.

It is all about this AdSense Publisher toolbar. It is really useful for all the bloggers. You can get more addons to check your AdSense earnings. The alternative to this is the Live Earning Checker that you might check it out. But from all those extenders this AdSense Publisher tool bar is the best and can take care of all your AdSense earning by giving you a better update. It is trustable because it is designed by the Google AdSense itself. So what are you waiting for, just download this addon and use to check your AdSense earnings.

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