Google Caught For Getting Creative with IE Cookies

Google is again in news for the wrong reasons and all the Search Engine Optimizers of the world are speculating about why Google is not paying them as per their rule. Google was caught red handed as they were getting creative with Internet Explorer private setting.


Google found to go around the private settings of Internet Explore cookies, and changing the cookies that the IE browsers have obtained. After seeing this most of the people were calling it as a foul. Google was claimed in behalf of their cookies as P3P that go by the private setting of IE. That means even if you set you’re IE for not accepting any set of cookies that you get from Google, you cannot do that unless you have a standard code.

A Google stated that this is not at all a case, but whatever that was presented was nothing and all the points were different. But to this point, Google failed to show any of the technical clarification for the P3P cookies that were used instead of the standard cookies.

It seems that Google is messing up with the world of SEO, as SEO world is looking each and every action closely.

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