Google Announced To Shut Down Hosted Domain

Google has announced that they are going to retire the AdSense for hosted domain. On Google support they have said that for the domain distribution network the new domain would only be given to the existing AdSense that means the hosted domain will not earn money now.

Google Announced To Shut Down Hosted Domain

If suppose you have hosted your AdSense account in your domain, then the following changes are going to affect as given in the schedule below by Google AdSense:

  • On February 22: AdSense publisher cannot use hosting product further.
  • After March 21: You will not be able to create the new host domain.
  • After March 18: The entire hosted domain earning money will no longer be active.
  • After June 27: The entire hosted domain will not obtain AdSense account.

How to adapt your new domain:

After knowing this, the question comes as how can we now adapt our new domain. To do that you need to transfer your domain portfolio to the new domain service provider that also known as domain parking provider. The domain parking provider focus on adapting new domains and they also offer it in competitive price. This is how you can transfer your domain with the help of domain parking provider. We would suggest you to go through the guide about migrating your host domain before you transfer tour domain.

On the host domain and on the corresponding channels it would be unavailable till April 2013. The only thing that you are going to see is the Performance report on your AdSense account.

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