Google Analytics Launched A New Multi Channel Funnels Report API

Google Analytics is one of the best things that have made our work easy keep a track on visitors that we get and every other activity. Recently Google Analytics has launched the Multi Channel Funnels Report API. This is the latest feature that was added and this feature is used to track the conversions about how that really happens around what they follow and all. Previously this feature were not present in the in the Google Analytic.


This has helped the developers to use the data. On their personal blog, Google announced about this new Multi-Channel Funnels reporting API. This new API is really awesome and the API will allow will help you for having the following query:

  • The newer API will give a “Assisted Conversions”
  • This is having the feature as “First Interactions Conversions”
  • Along with the First Interaction Conversion you also have a “Last Interaction conversions”
  • It also has a “Top Paths”
  • You can also see the “Path Length”
  • If you need to get the time lagging then you have the facility as “Time Lag”

With the help of these new features, you can now get a new type of data. Google Analytic Engineer suggested “Key use cases we’ve seen so far involve combining this conversion path data with other data sources, such as cost data, creating new visualizations, as well as using this data to automate processes such as bidding.”

In their blog they have presented examples on how to use the API. This new feature has been made the visualization much better and because of which you can come up for some better exploring and testing.

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